Alsager Partnership Christmas Special 2020

  1. 4. Where can you find the staple diet of a Panda? 6,5
  2. 6. Name of a Pottery Manufacturer who resided in Alsager and who is still has a Factory in Stoke-on-Trent?
  3. 9. Name the street of a Golf Club without a Golf Course? 6,4
  4. 10. What is the current name of the property that was Alsager’s Police Station? 6,5
  5. 11. The name of the Toilet Manufacturer that had a factory in Alsager?
  6. 13. Where in Alsager is Gallows Corner? 3,4
  7. 14. What is the last station stop going east from Alsager?
  8. 15. What was Alsager known as in the domesday book?
  1. 1. Who gathered a group of protestors to smash down the new fences around the Mere? 2,9
  2. 2. Where in Alsager can I find a Meercat?
  3. 3. Where can I catch a 60ib cat Fish in Alsager? 8,9
  4. 5. What is the nickname for Alsager Town Football club? 3,7
  5. 7. What is the name of the path that is between Alsager Cricket Club and Highfields School? 6,4
  6. 8. What is the name of the organisation with a garden near? The Mere
  7. 12. What is the name of the disused railway line that is next to Alsager Golf & Country Club? 8,3