ATL Crossword

  1. 3. A term for a situation in which a system or network is completely isolated from other networks for security.
  2. 5. A type of cybersecurity threat that mimics legitimate software but is malicious in nature.
  3. 7. A group of computers controlled by an attacker to carry out tasks without the user's knowledge.
  4. 8. A type of malware named after a deceptive ancient Greek tactic.
  1. 1. A form of authentication that relies on a physical attribute, like a fingerprint or iris scan.
  2. 2. A set of rules or configurations that dictate which network traffic is allowed or blocked.
  3. 4. A common form of cyber attack involving massive amounts of traffic to overwhelm a target system.
  4. 6. A type of malware that can spread autonomously through networks.