A Word About Banking

  1. 2. When the _________ was not being paid back, this is when the economy crashed and caused the Great Depression in the 1930s.
  2. 4. Protects your valuable items such as cars, jewelry, and your money in a bank account.
  3. 5. Which Federal Reserve Bank is district 1?
  4. 6. How many governors are on the Board of Governors?
  5. 7. Bank Accounts keep your money ________.
  6. 10. Where the Federal Reserve Building is located.
  7. 12. Provides insurance on bank accounts up to $250,000.
  8. 15. The amount of meetings the FOMC has in a year.
  9. 17. The amount of entities or branches in the Federal Reserve.
  10. 18. The number Regional Reserve Bank that we belong to.
  11. 20. Bank Account used for keeping your money in a safe place for a long period of time.
  12. 22. The federal reserve banks are in charge of states surrounding them called __________.
  13. 23. Supervises all banks and creates rules for them
  1. 1. The President of this Federal Reserve bank is always a member of the Federal Open Market Committee.
  2. 2. Bank Account used for everyday purchases.
  3. 3. The target inflation rate is _____ percent.
  4. 4. The Federal Reserve tries to avoid this happening, the cause of goods costing more $$.
  5. 8. Initials of the entity/branch that manages the federal funds rate.
  6. 9. Their job is to make the rules for the banks.
  7. 11. How many Federal Reserve Bank Presidents are on the board of governors?
  8. 13. Type of card used to pay for items using your checking account.
  9. 14. Money earned for keeping your money in a savings account for a certain amount of time.
  10. 16. The amount of regional reserve banks.
  11. 19. President who created the FDIC.
  12. 21. This event in history influenced the FDIC being created so that people could trust keeping their money in bank accounts again.