Canadian wine

  1. 3. This island, which sounds like a famous Argentinian footballer, was home to Canada's first commercial winery in 1866
  2. 4. L'Acadie Blanc is most planted in this Canadian province, where it is compared to Chardonnay (4,6)
  3. 5. An exciting wine valley at the southern end of the Okanagan
  4. 7. Many Canadian whiskies are still known under this term, even though there is no legal requirement for this grain to be included
  5. 11. A small wine region in Ontario where it is so cold in winter (below -24°C) that vines are buried to ensure their survival (6,6,6)
  6. 14. Approved in 2020, Cowichan Valley is the first sub-region for this area (9,6)
  7. 16. A hybrid red grape with Folle Blanche as a parent, whose wines are Pinot Noir-like in style (4,4)
  8. 18. Tunnelling bird? (9,3)
  9. 19. This thick-skinned hybrid grape is most often used in ice wine
  1. 1. Vintners Quality _? The acronym on a bottle shows that all the grapes for the wine were grown in Canada
  2. 2. Maple syrup is one sweet liquid famous to Canada. Name the vinous one (3,4)
  3. 6. A teinturier grape named after the French Supreme Allied Commander in World War I (8,4)
  4. 8. The largest viticultural region in Canada (7,9)
  5. 9. Canada's first estate winery, founded in 1974
  6. 10. This valley has 84% of the vineyards in British Columbia
  7. 12. Which Canadian actor is co-founder of Crystal Head vodka? (3,7)
  8. 13. This suffix is seen in the names of several wine subregions, such as Beamsville and St David's
  9. 15. French oenologist Michel Rolland consults for this estate, whose flagship wine is Oculus (7,4)
  10. 17. This mainly Francophone region is known for its fortified and ice ciders