1. 2. The type of fermentation often used to get buttery Chardonnays
  2. 7. Chardonnay plays a fundamental role in this soft, creamier style of sparkling wine unique to the Franciacorta region
  3. 8. Process to reduce alcohol levels, historically used for some Californian Chardonnays (7,7)
  4. 11. Estate whose Chardonnay topped the white wine section of the 1976 Judgement of Paris (7,9)
  5. 14. Chardonnay plantings are second to this white wine grape in Argentina
  6. 16. Along with clay and limestone Chardonnay prefers these three soil types
  7. 17. Crisp, lean and mineral Chardonnays might come from here in France
  8. 22. The coolest region in south Australia and produces complex Chardonnays with peach and apricot flavours (8,5)
  9. 23. Traditionally used synonym for Chardonnay in Styria, Austria
  10. 24. Attribute Chardonnay grapes lose quickly after ripening
  11. 25. New Zealand winery famously specialising in Chardonnay led by winemaker and MW Michael Brajkovich (5,5)
  12. 26. Chardonnay has started to replace this grape as the main white variety in Beaujolais
  13. 27. This grape's region of origin
  14. 28. If you're drinking Eileen Hardy Chardonnay, where in Australia did the grapes come from?
  1. 1. Burgundy vineyard home to some of the world's most expensive Chardonnays
  2. 3. The name of the first premium Chardonnay from Chile, the flagship of Concha y Toro
  3. 4. The single-cru used to make Champagne Salon's rare bottling (2,6)
  4. 5. Leading South Africa winery for Chardonnay with wines Bateleur, The Site, Lesca, Bon Vallon and Finesse (2,7)
  5. 6. Northern coastal region of Chile producing top-end Chardonnay
  6. 9. This grape is blended with Chardonnay in the sparkling wine Blanquette de Limoux
  7. 10. Champagne style made from 100% Chardonnay (5,2,6)
  8. 12. Estate producing one of California's most expensive and acclaimed Chardonnays by pioneering winemakers John Wetlaufer and Helen Turley
  9. 13. The term given to the problem of Chardonnays suffering the loss of fruit aromas more quickly than anticipated (9,9)
  10. 15. Famous Chardonnay Grand Cru that takes its name from the first Holy Roman Emperor (6,11)
  11. 17. One of the oldest Cava producers who has a 100% Chardonnay Reserva bottling
  12. 18. A common component used to add flavour and complexity to lower-priced Chardonnays (3,4)
  13. 19. Name of famous Chardonnay clones developed in France and bred for their adaptive attributes
  14. 20. The first Italian region granted Chardonnay appellation status in 1984 (4,5)
  15. 21. Dominant soil in Chablis, a type of limestone