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  1. 3. In case you wanted your efficacy to be intrinsically related to geography.
  2. 6. Mostly in charge of a list, but with a very cool title.
  3. 8. Does someone's social status really determine if they can completely leap over others?
  4. 10. a room you might be confined to while keeping monsters at bay.
  5. 13. Some people never hesitate to make a decision while others probably do this while signing their names.
  6. 14. What a appropriately named African bovidae might do to you with it's horns.
  7. 16. "Spelled" wrong but makes you strong.
  8. 19. I like my soda like I like my unconscious people.
  9. 20. As if generating the first time wasn't hard enough.
  10. 21. Clearly scraps of random cloth are known to make spells more powerful.
  11. 22. to be hit by this and not to roll will find you a Stairway to Heaven
  12. 23. Usual a harbinger of nuptials but in Realms one of a much more tedious gathering.
  13. 24. If you hate people talking back to you wait 'till you hear about this missile weapon.
  1. 1. A very harsh way to describe the fact one has a lot of spells.
  2. 2. How you might regard an animal that's been cozying up to you a whole bunch.
  3. 4. pi R spells
  4. 5. For when you want your sword to be worth more than your house.
  5. 7. Looking for gold in all the wrong places.
  6. 9. If you ask me the maternal version of this would result in more spells and probably some cookies along with them.
  7. 11. If you want to put a specific spell component into practice this might be for you.
  8. 12. Some people can never fall down while others...
  9. 15. Someone incapable of fighting to the death.
  10. 17. Is that just a fancy word for a dictionary?
  11. 18. A debate could be had on whether the attack or the whiskey is more damaging.