Fortified wine

  1. 2. One of several Vins Doux Naturels made from Grenache
  2. 4. Another of Portugal's renowned sweet fortifieds (8,2,7)
  3. 6. The chalky, porous, white soil that's great for retaining water in Jerez's hot summers
  4. 7. The name of a grape and the dark, intensely sweet fortifieds made from it, from the DOs of Jerez and Montilla-Moriles (5,7)
  5. 8. The famous sweet wine of Cyprus
  6. 10. The system or process of fractional blending
  7. 11. An aromatised fortified wine that's a key ingredient in a Negroni cocktail
  8. 16. Where would you find the lodges used to mature Port wines? (4,4,2,4)
  9. 18. California's historic fortified wine, made from the Mission grape
  10. 19. Australia's Liqueur Muscats and Liqueur Tokays come from Glenrowan and which other Victorian town?
  11. 20. The most common white grape family used for making fortified wines in Languedoc-Roussillon
  1. 1. The layer of yeast under which Sherry matures
  2. 3. Nacional and Franca
  3. 5. The main grape used to produce Sherry
  4. 9. You need this for your tiramisu
  5. 12. This grape makes the sweetest style of Madeira, also called Malmsey
  6. 13. A style of Maury and other fortifieds where the wine is put into glass jars and left to oxidise under the hot summer sun
  7. 14. Most commonly made from Grenache, the production area for this fortified is the same as for AC Collioure
  8. 15. A tawny Port from a single vintage
  9. 17. Name for Port wines aged in barrel rather than in bottle