Fun(?) Legal Crossword

  1. 2. A highly competitive and stressful way to spend your summer. (9)
  2. 4. __ _______ non curat lex (The law does not concern itself with trifles). (2,7)
  3. 8. What is the delight of everyone in the summertime? (7,7)
  4. 10. Brown-nosing HR representatives, being a sycophant to corporate partners, and attending countless LSS careers events is more commonly placed under this umbrella term. (10)
  5. 13. Which firm requires partner approval before printing in colour? (3,8)
  6. 15. Asbestos contaminated pile of rubble adjacent to MLS. (7)
  7. 17. Every firm will insist that theirs is welcoming and inclusive. (7)
  8. 18. Currently advising Woolworths in their underpayment issues, which firm has also become embroiled in their own underpayment scandal? (7)
  1. 1. High Court judge, name is reminiscent of grinded cannabis powder. (6)
  2. 2. Colombian vice of the profession. (7)
  3. 3. As a result of the current economic climate, it is unlikely that most of the graduating class of 2020 will secure this. (10)
  4. 5. A Priestly subject, MLS students tend to forget about it. (6)
  5. 6. Competition that nearly every first year always regrets entering. (4)
  6. 7. In 2005, the managing partner of which firm was quoted as saying, "We expect our people to treat the client as if they were God and to put themselves out for clients … You don’t have a right to any free time." (6)
  7. 9. Whilst representing British American Tobacco, which Big Six firm was accused of running an illegal 'document retention policy' by destroying documents deemed unfavourable to its client? (7,3)
  8. 11. Alumni of MLS, former prime minister. (7)
  9. 12. Video conferencing program used by the university. (4)
  10. 14. Before its indefinite postponement, Law Ball was to be held here. (5)
  11. 16. Son of Queen Victoria, Duke of Edinburgh, and namesake of this esteemed Parkville institution. (6)