1. 2. One of the six grapes allowed in wines blends from which French region
  2. 3. One of the first Chilean wineries to specialise in Malbec production (3,6)
  3. 6. Viticultural hazard alongside coulure and rot that affects Malbec (6,6)
  4. 9. Famous Malbec estate located in Calchaqui Valley owned by the Swiss multimillionaire Donald Hess (6,6)
  5. 11. Often blended with this grape and Cabernet Franc in Loire Valley wines
  6. 12. The joint venture between Château Lafite owner Domaines Barons de Rothschild and the Catena family (7,4)
  7. 15. National region with the second largest plantings of Malbec after Mendoza (3,4)
  8. 17. Common fruit assigned to the flavour of these grapes
  9. 18. The joint project of four Bordeaux family-run bodegas producing a single-block wine blended by consultant Michel Rolland (4,2,3,5)
  10. 20. Two things that Malbec grapes require more than Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot to mature (3,3,4)
  11. 22. Estate with links to a famous St-Emillion Premier Grand Cru Classé A and LVMH (6,3,5)
  12. 23. South American country where Malbec is the most widely planted grape with more than 43,000 ha under vine
  1. 1. Acclaimed high-altitude site, dubbed 'South America's Grand Cru' planted by Nicolás Catena Zapata in Gualtallary
  2. 4. High-altitude Malbec wine region alongside Luján de Cuyo located in the foothills of the Andes (3,6)
  3. 5. The most southerly wine region in South America producing cooler climate Malbecs (3,5)
  4. 7. Seven Hills Winery was the first to plant Malbec in which US state in the late 1990s
  5. 8. Estate that produces one of France's most famous 100% Malbecs Le Pigeonnier (7,10)
  6. 10. Historical French name for this grape
  7. 13. French region famous for Malbec wines
  8. 14. Month of World Malbec Day
  9. 16. Natural hazard that commonly affects Malbec
  10. 19. Material that is often linked to the texture of Malbec wines
  11. 21. Specific word used to describe the colour of Malbec given its name around the world as 'the black grape'