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  1. 3. Unofficial name for German manufacturer Munch's Munch TT model.
  2. 6. Canadian manufacturer of mini-bikes from 1971 to 1972 (two words).
  3. 7. exclusive Italian bespoke manufacturer that worked alongside Bimota in its development of the Tesi.
  4. 9. Russian manufacturer of heavy sidecar motorcycles. (2 words)
  5. 11. French electric motorcycle company whose Wattman motorcycle will attempt a land speed record in Bolivia.
  6. 12. Company whose name is made up of letters of its three founders.
  7. 13. French moto company specializing in off-road bikes.
  8. 14. Manufacturer of two-wheel drive off-road motorcycles marketed either under the company's name or "Trail Breaker".
  9. 15. Most recent motorcycle company to be purchased by Pierer Mobility.
  10. 17. engine found in Harley-Davidson motorcycles from 1936 to 1947.
  11. 18. Motorcycle company that teamed with Harley-Davidson and also produced complete, race only motorcycles.
  12. 21. British Motorcycle Company revived by John Bloor.
  13. 23. Manufacturer of the V-85TT "adventure bike". (2 words)
  14. 24. Motorcycle Company that has roots in aviation.
  15. 27. The last name of KTM's CEO.
  16. 29. Parent company of Mondial motorcycles (3words).
  17. 31. Motorcycle manufacturer whose parent company adds "Heavy Industries" to the company name.
  18. 33. This company builds the most motorcycles of all the European manufacturers.
  19. 34. British Motorcycle Company that was recently purchased by TVS.
  20. 35. British motorcycle manufacturer initially based in Daventry and Easton Nelson, Northhamptonshire.
  21. 36. Manufacturer of observed trials, Enduro, motocross and off-road bikes in the 1970s and 1980s. The brand was resurrected in 2014.
  1. 1. Motorcycle manufacturer from Pakistan.
  2. 2. Company that recently changed its name from Confederate Motorcycles to this. (2 words)
  3. 4. Malaysian motorcycle manufacturer producing small motorcycles under 400cc.
  4. 5. This Spanish manufacturer is best known for its two-stroke motorcycles built from 1958 to 1983.
  5. 8. Motorcycle company owned in part by actor Keanu Reeves.
  6. 9. Country that manufactures the most motorcycles in the world.
  7. 10. The company that entered into an agreement with BMW to build motorcycle engines
  8. 12. Former Italian motorcycle manufacturer that once manufactured shotguns.
  9. 16. Motorcycle manufacturer that has recently unveiled a range of V-4 engined machines.
  10. 19. Portuguese motorcycle manufacturer most well known for enduro and off road motorcycles.
  11. 20. Company that produces its claimed fastest electric motorcycle in the world.
  12. 22. American motorcycle company that intended to race in MotoGP.
  13. 25. This company named its fastest motorcycle after a bird of prey.
  14. 26. American electric motorcycle company that was purchased by Polaris.
  15. 28. India's 3rd largest powered two-wheeler motorcycle manufacturer.
  16. 30. chez
  17. 31. Taiwanese manufacturer of motorcycles.
  18. 32. Australian motor manufacturer that manufactured motorcycles from around 1911 to 1948.
  19. 33. American motorcycle manufacturer known for its V-8 powered motorcycles (2 words).