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  1. 2. Though no denomination is listed, black ones are worth 5 and green ones, 25. Name the country that backs them.
  2. 4. Known "diplomat" of The Empire, and someone not afraid to run his yap and get in trouble.
  3. 6. This nation contains Fort Oakenbrook, the training grounds of the Oaken Guard.
  4. 8. An ancient organization with powerful technology that fought against Bedlam long ago and aided the Realms’ more recent fight as well.
  5. 10. This small town, which mines cyalume for light spells, sits on the very large lake in the Barony of Banecroft.
  6. 11. The winner of the Ascension War.
  7. 12. The inhabitants of this land reside in tree houses to avoid the endless wandering undead.
  8. 16. The black stands for "mystery" in this nation's heraldry.
  9. 17. A coin rumored to be even more rare than the Crown, its original value was one third of a Rowan.
  10. 19. In the heraldry of the Southern Wastes this monster is wearing a helmet.
  11. 24. The Mountain of Power once sat on the land that is now occupied by this nation’s boundaries.
  12. 25. Before mages could transmute themselves they had to settle for doing this.
  13. 26. In much older systems of Realms magic, spells of higher power were only available to those who belonged to these.
  14. 29. The name of a bainen that caused rampant destruction in Chimeron until slain by Sir Lucas.
  15. 32. This unwieldy mace was extremely effective against skeletons.
  16. 34. This magic great sword is inscribed with glowing runes down the length of its blade.
  17. 35. This Nation released a paper currency that had one and five "gopher" bills.
  18. 36. A bastion for those who worship Aurora, this was the “other” city of light nestled within the Southern Wastes.
  19. 37. Once considered the capitol city of Valehaven.
  20. 39. Though not as large as they once were this nation's store of information continues to grow.
  1. 1. These watery demons were servants of the Erl King.
  2. 3. Once commonly known as the god of magic.
  3. 5. A planar prison where one less person may leave than the number of people who enter.
  4. 7. These stones had the ability to channel magical power that would allow certain stronger Bois to be harmed in combat.
  5. 9. The ten bases to all Vene Potions were referred to as these.
  6. 13. If you want something done “right now” this is your no-nonsense go-to god of choice.
  7. 14. There was both a green version and a blue version of this coin that was created with bound pieces of silver.
  8. 15. The blade which was forged by the heroes of the Realms in their quest to slay Pathos.
  9. 18. Situated on a group of islands in the south, this magically-inclined nation had their own kraken guarding their domain.
  10. 20. This spell can grant a boon to the caster but only if their predictive powers are on-point.
  11. 21. This mysterious creature is known to wander the forests of Rhiassa and definitely does not exist.
  12. 22. This island was the original home of one who would become the druid king.
  13. 23. This currency could be turned in to obtain a bowl of rice from the issuing nation.
  14. 24. The once headmaster of the Crystal Hall, eliminated in a war with the Free Kingdoms.
  15. 27. Currently in the hands of some reptilian creatures, this lost land is still claimed by a southern nation.
  16. 28. Although there were only three of them, they determined the fate of Middle-Earth.
  17. 30. This historic path was once the original home of the spell “second chance”.
  18. 31. This vampiric lord who's line begat the Nameless One.
  19. 33. Lord of Kalithnos, owner of the White Gryphon Casino, as shady as they get.
  20. 38. This god of truth is represented by a red ankh symbol.