Pinot Noir

  1. 1. Valley in Oregon producing finely-crafted Pinots
  2. 3. Heartland of Pinot production within the Côte d'Or (5,2,5)
  3. 5. The English translation of noir
  4. 7. Famous Burgundy estate whose Clos St. Denis Grand Cru wines were famously counterfeited in the wine auction scandal that resulted in Rudy Kurniawan's arrest (7,6)
  5. 8. Ocean that influences quality production of Pinot Noir in Chile
  6. 12. Home to the world's most southerly planted grape vines and in good years produces some of New Zealand's best Pinot expressions (7,5)
  7. 14. Kin Vineyards makes Canada's most northerly Pinot Noir. From where?
  8. 17. Largest Grand Cru in Vosne-Romanée
  9. 19. Two common fruit flavours associated with Pinot Noir wines (9,3,6)
  10. 22. The cooling effect of which body of water is key to the quality of Mornington Peninsula's Pinot's in Victoria, Australia? (4,6)
  11. 26. Sonoma County AVA producing full and opulent examples of Californian Pinot (7,5,6)
  12. 27. French term to depict notes of undergrowth and forest floor typically found in Burgundian Pinots (4,4)
  13. 28. Italian incarnation of the variety (5,4)
  14. 29. Famous New Zealand region on the northern tip of the South Island producing smooth and elegant Pinots with fresh acidity
  1. 1. Technique some Pinot producers use to add tannin (5,7,12)
  2. 2. Monopole from which the world's most expensive bottle of wine was produced, a 1945 Pinot sold at auction $558,000 (7,5)
  3. 4. Pinot Noir-focused winery in New Zealand founded in 1993, the same year the founder starred in a Steven Spielberg blockbuster (3,8)
  4. 6. Along with Leyda Valley and San Antonio this region has gained fame for producing quality Chilean Pinots
  5. 9. Winemaker superstar in Burgundy, she started off as a négociant and was a former co-director of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti (5,4,5)
  6. 10. Enclave producing delicate Pinot Noir in Australia, also the country's coolest-wine producing region
  7. 11. An enclave within Santa Maria Valley in south California for well-structured and fruit-forward Pinots (5,7)
  8. 13. Aroma descriptor commonly used for Pinot wines
  9. 15. The product of a natural crossing between Pinot Noir and the near-extinct variety Gouais Blanc
  10. 16. Spiritual home and region Pinot Noir likely originated
  11. 18. Country with the third largest Pinot Noir production after France and the USA
  12. 20. German name for Pinot Noir
  13. 21. Region located on the southern end of New Zealand's North Island making superb Pinots with dense fruit flavours
  14. 23. Champagne made entirely from Pinot varieties (6,2,5)
  15. 24. Australian state producing quality Pinots, home to Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula
  16. 25. Hemel-en-Aarde and which other cool-climate region in South Africa are best suited to Pinot?