1. 2. An Italian wine region where Sangiovese is the primary red variety (6,7)
  2. 5. The 'top tier' of Chianti, introduced in 2014 (4,9)
  3. 10. Wines from here feature the famous 'gallo nero' or black rooster (7,8)
  4. 11. A founding member of the Bolgheri DOC, he produces a 100% Sangiovese wine named Cavaliere (7,5)39+
  5. 15. The estate widely credited with creating the first Brunello di Montalcino in the 1860s (6,5)
  6. 16. Sangiovese is the most widely-planted vine on this French island, birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte
  7. 17. Avignonesi has produced 'one of the most exclusive (and expensive) liquids in Italian wine' according to Richard Baudains. What is this holy wine? (3,5)
  8. 18. A region in Australia making a name for its Sangioveses from producers including Zerella and Coriole (7,4)
  1. 1. An unsatisfactory attempt to grow Sangiovese at Napa Valley's Antica estate led to the vines being grubbed up. Which famous Tuscan family owns Antica?
  2. 3. The Sangiovese grape is known for its high level of...
  3. 4. Made from a specific clone of Sangiovese, this hilltop wine is one of Italy's finest reds (8,2,10)
  4. 6. A typical flavour descriptor of Sangiovese (fruit)
  5. 7. A small Tuscan DOCG to the west of Florence. Its wines must be a majority of Sangiovese
  6. 8. One of the first supertuscans, made from a majority of Sangiovese
  7. 9. Sangiovese derives from the Latin for 'blood of...', meaning 'blood of Jupiter'.
  8. 12. The country with the most hectares of Sangiovese vines after Italy
  9. 13. The name of the IGT many great Tuscan Sangioveses are bottled under
  10. 14. tuscan-based family wine group which owns estates including Luce, CastelGiocondo and Nipozzano
  11. 15. This artist-cum-winemaker is renowned for his Tuscan Sangioveses, including Colore and Testamatta (4,6)