The Riesling crossword

  1. 6. One of Germany's best Riesling producers. Its owner was originally trained as an archaeologist and was inducted into Decanter's Hall of Fame in 2005 (2,6)
  2. 8. The mass-produced semi-sweet white wine that is said to have ruined the international reputation of German wines in the 1980s
  3. 10. 90% of this country's Riesling come from its South Island, where they often retain some residual sugar(3,7)
  4. 12. This geographic line puts Canada's Okanagan Valley on the same northerly parallel as Alsace, the Mosel, Rheingau and Wachau
  5. 13. This designation can refer to dry Rieslings of the highest must weight in the Prädikatswein pyramid
  6. 14. Riesling tends to develop this flavour after prolonged ageing
  7. 17. Domaine Trimbach's top Riesling cuvée, in Alsace(4,3,4)
  8. 18. This Western Australian estate makes a top Riesling from its Isolation Ridge Vineyard
  9. 19. German wine category made from frozen grapes (usually Riesling), in tiny quantities
  1. 1. Another word for off-dry in German Riesling
  2. 2. The premier Riesling-producing region of New York State(6,5)
  3. 3. The designation for the lightest, least sweet Rieslings of Germany's Mosel
  4. 4. The top dry white wines (most famously Riesling) from the Grosse Lage sites identified by the VDP(7,7)
  5. 5. The abbreviation referring to the sweetest style of Austrian and German quality wines
  6. 7. Riesling is a signature variety of this Canadian province
  7. 9. This variety is a cross of Riesling and Madeleine Royale developed in the 1880s(6,7)
  8. 11. Henschke, Yalumba and Pewsey Vale are among the famous Riesling producers in this South Australian valley
  9. 13. Riesling grapes naturally contain a high level of ___, allowing it to age gracefully
  10. 15. Jeffrey Grosset is the most renowned Riesling producer in this South Australian valley
  11. 16. Spionkop and Paul Cluver are masters of Riesling in this South African region