Visit Youngstown

  1. 3. Number of wineries in Mahoning County
  2. 4. This auditorium was gifted to the people of Youngstown for all to enjoy
  3. 6. This work by Winslow Homer is part of the permanent collection at The Butler Institute of American Art
  4. 9. This soup is a Youngstown favorite
  5. 11. This type of table has been a Youngstown wedding reception tradition
  6. 12. This sweet treat was invented in Youngstown by Harry Burt
  7. 15. Most historic and most photographed spot in Mahoning County
  8. 16. Home of the Youngstown Phantoms
  9. 18. What the locals call the Youngstown Historical Center of Industry & Labor
  1. 1. The founder of Youngstown
  2. 2. Number of Youngstown area (Mahoning County) golf courses
  3. 5. Youngstown is the birthplace of this type of pizza
  4. 7. The best ice cream on the planet!
  5. 8. The Suspension Bridge in Mill Creek MetroParks is also called this
  6. 10. Fellows Riverside Gardens has a beautiful display of these each June
  7. 13. Children’s Center of Science & Technology in downtown Youngstown
  8. 14. The DeYor Performing Arts Center/Powers Auditorium was originally built by these brothers
  9. 17. Mascot of Youngstown State University