Ovarian Cancer - Test your Knowledge

  1. 1. While it detects ovarian cancer, this test does NOT detect ovarian cancer
  2. 4. In addition to feeling full quickly, pain, and urinary symptoms, this is one of the most common symptoms
  3. 6. Your risk is greater as you get __
  4. 8. Known as ___1 and ___2, mutations in these tumour suppressing genes have been associated with breast and ovarian cancer
  5. 9. Women of Eastern European and of __ Jewish descent are at a higher risk
  6. 10. If we do nothing, over four ___ women will be lost to the disease
  1. 2. Symptom __ can lead to a more rapid diagnosis
  2. 3. A risk factor of ovarian cancer is this condition where the tissue that normally lines the endometrium grows outside the uterus
  3. 5. If taken for 5 years or more, this pill can halve your risk
  4. 7. Low grade __ is a rarer type