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3460:421 OOP CMake I

  1. 1. The option to set the CMake generator if not the default
  2. 4. The file to define the CMake build we want (including the file extension)
  3. 7. Build option, such as "clean"
  4. 8. When we mix the object code and executables with the source code in the same directory, that is called an "__-______ build"
  5. 10. A replacement for the Make utility
  1. 2. CMake has a set of these for different build systems
  2. 3. The file to define what the Make utility should do
  3. 4. A common build target that CMake generates automatically
  4. 5. The utility commonly used on UNIX (e.g., Linux) to build programs
  5. 6. A common subdirectory name for the CMake build
  6. 9. A build target that we use to execute the program and provide needed input and output