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3460:480 S20 HFSD Chapter 4

  1. 1. Name of the chart where we see how much work we have left to do in the time left
  2. 4. A UML diagram that shows object and their calls for a particular scenario
  3. 7. A UML diagram for showing the classes in a system and their relationships
  4. 8. Max length in minutes of a standup meeting
  5. 9. I reflect the developer's view of the feature
  6. 11. A task that is currently being worked on
  7. 12. A task that we did not consider that breaks our user story estimate
  8. 13. Break user stories into tasks add ___ to your estimates and your plan
  1. 2. I reflect the customer's view of the feature
  2. 3. Task we did not plan for
  3. 4. The type of short, daily meeting for developers
  4. 5. The total of these may be different than the user story estimate
  5. 6. Time of day preferred for standup meetings
  6. 8. Guideline as to the maximum days for a task estimate
  7. 10. Successful software development is about knowing where you ____