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3460:480 S20 HFSD Chapter 11

  1. 5. The best spike tests include attempting to fix a .... .... of the bugs
  2. 6. Close second priority is for your code to be .... and understandable by other developers
  3. 7. The first step when dealing with a new chunk of unfamiliar code is to get it under ...... control
  4. 8. When new bug fix tasks appear on your board, your customer might need to re-.... the work left in the current iteration
  5. 10. You should always be .... with your customer
  6. 13. To help you estimate how long it will take to fix a collection of bugs in software you are unfamiliar with, use a .... ....
  7. 14. When fixing bugs you are fixing ....
  1. 1. At the end of a spike test you have a good idea what your team's .... .... .... is
  2. 2. Top priority is for your code to ....
  3. 3. You can account for your team's gut feeling about a collection of bugs by factoring in their .... in your bug fixing estimate
  4. 4. Take .... for all the code in your software, not just the bits that you wrote
  5. 8. You should be .... of your software.
  6. 9. Fixing bugs becomes .... or sometimes full stories on your board
  7. 11. Before you change anything, get all your code ....
  8. 12. A spike test should be around a .... in duration