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4th District Spelling Bee BB 151-200

  1. 5. it is the science that focuses on farming
  2. 7. it is an object that you use to know a person's temperature
  3. 8. it is the place where Vincent Van Gogh was born
  4. 9. it is one sport that is practiced in the ocean with big waves
  5. 10. it is a person who does not follow the rules
  1. 1. it is a period of life when you face physical, emotional, and psychological changes
  2. 2. it is an objective that you get when you finish a professional, academic, or personal project
  3. 3. it is when an event or place has more attendants than it is able to handle
  4. 4. a celebration that married couples have every year
  5. 6. it is a person who tends to be sad regularly