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ACW 1.0

  1. 2. Which AirPods has the feature of noise cancelation?
  2. 4. _____________ is welcome.
  3. 5. What works hard to make sure your passwords are robust and unique?
  4. 6. Apple App that helps you manage you're smart home securely.
  5. 8. Employee driven organization that celebrates diversity and offers educational resources to its members.
  6. 9. What is the first name of the head of retail for Apple?
  7. 10. What is the name of the helpful tool that sets the standards for drawing, note-taking and marking up documents?
  8. 11. ____________, Innovation and results
  1. 1. What gives you the perfect selfie on the new SE?
  2. 3. Commonly referred to as "Woz"
  3. 7. At our core, we believe our souls is our ______.