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Adaptation Crossword

  1. 6. Deep sea angler fish use BLANK to attract prey.
  2. 7. An example of chemical protection is poison or BLANK.
  3. 8. An adaptation is something that is BLANK about a plant or animal that helps it to better survive.
  1. 1. a special coloration that allows animals, like sharks, to better camouflage themselves in the open ocean.
  2. 2. In order for animals to be able to survive in diverse habitats, it is extremely important that they have BLANK, that help them to thrive more efficiently in their environments.
  3. 3. Some animals have special breathing mechanisms such BLANK.
  4. 4. Sea stars are adapted to BLANK lost limbs! This helps them survive in dangerous habitats.
  5. 5. Sharks are covered in flat v-shaped scales called BLANK denticles that help them swim faster and more quietly!