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Ap Gov Final Exam

  1. 1. rule that permits amendments for the floor
  2. 4. type of goods or services that are purchased for final use by the consumer not for resale or for further processing
  3. 5. is a rise in the general level in prices
  4. 6. legislation that is lawmaking made up of 2 chambers
  5. 7. the rule provided that debate be cut off if ⅔ of the senators present and voting agreed to a “cloture” motion
  6. 8. a legislative bill that deals with private, personal, specific, or local matters
  7. 11. type of inflation where an income receiver may, be able to avoid or lessen the adverse effects of inflation on real income
  8. 12. An attempt to defeat the bill in the senate by talking indefinitely, making it so the senate cannot take action
  9. 15. Besides passing bills, Congress can also pass other actions called
  10. 17. A survey of public opinion
  11. 18. type of petition by which any member of the house may, after being in a committee has seen for 30 days can then be brought to the floor
  12. 21. type of inflation whose full extent was not expected
  13. 23. type of referral that is a congressional process where a bill may be referred to several committees
  14. 25. type of goods that are purchased for resale or for further processing or manufacturing
  15. 26. rule that sets a strict time limit on debate and forbids the introduction of any amendments from the floor, or forbids amendments except those offered by the sponsoring committee
  1. 2. The doctrine that a state can declare null and void a federal law that, in the states opinion violates the constitution
  2. 3. a procedure that can be done to allow the senate to get on with other business while a filibuster is occurring
  3. 9. type of bill that works with legislation of general concern
  4. 10. What represents House of Representatives
  5. 13. type of poll based on interviews conducted on Election day with randomly selected voters
  6. 14. type of district one by 55 percent or less of the vote
  7. 16. Where bills get introduced to the House of Representatives
  8. 19. the total market value of all final goods and services produced in a given year
  9. 20. The minimum number of numbers who must be present
  10. 22. a rise in general level of prices
  11. 24. type of district where incumbents win by 55 percent or more