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  1. 2. What was Ashley doing while she told ghost stories?
  2. 3. What does Krissi teach us about on Sundays?
  3. 5. The instrument Kev G plays
  4. 8. Name the state that Lyndsey & Gordin are driving to
  5. 9. Name of the original chatbots on FaceBook
  6. 10. The name of the first type of Starseeds in Julene’s post
  7. 11. animal Shauna last discussed
  1. 1. What did Shauna find two of, that she shared with us
  2. 4. What is the name of the animal when a Polar bear and Grizzly bear mate?
  3. 6. What was on the moon back when dinosaurs were on Earth?
  4. 7. Gloria reminded us to drink more of this
  5. 8. How many new moons in cancer did we have in July?