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Body Language as a Sales Tool

  1. 4. having your hands move in unison is more ___________ than having them do different things.
  2. 6. the edge of your field of vision.
  3. 7. the most expressive part of the face.
  4. 8. the act of sitting with legs wide apart in an aggressive or suggestive way.
  5. 10. micro ___________ are very small muscular changes that involuntary and can help spot lies.
  1. 1. _____ _____ the ideal place to have your hands in order to express yourself with honesty; around your abdomen
  2. 2. ____ ________ is the collective sum of all the things that we do not say.
  3. 3. "____ it until you make it".
  4. 5. exposing the bottom of this is considered rude in some cultures.
  5. 9. the space we generally save for ourselves and those with whom we are intimate;1-18"
  6. 11. when sitting, it is best to keep your legs about ___ inches a part.