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C1-C2 Buying and selling

  1. 4. a public event at which things are sold to the person who offers the most money for them
  2. 5. formal permission given by a company to somebody who wants to sell its goods or services
  3. 7. a method of buying an article by making regular payments
  4. 10. the money that you borrow to pay for owning a property
  5. 11. to sell or buy things illegally
  6. 18. to offer more money for st than sb else
  7. 21. a business agreement
  8. 22. connected with trade and the wealth of a country
  9. 24. an arrangement to pay for something later
  10. 25. to argue about the price in order to get it cheaper
  11. 26. providing good value in relation to the money spent
  12. 27. the exchange of goods without using money
  13. 30. the amount of money paid back to you if you paid more that the value
  14. 32. the amount of money that is taken of a price
  1. 1. to illegally sell things, begins with p
  2. 2. _ payment the amount of money that is given before a larger quantity is paid
  3. 3. a strong metal box to keep valuables in
  4. 6. synonym for bill
  5. 8. a person that spends too much time and money in shops
  6. 9. the money that an organisation has lent
  7. 12. the activity of buying and selling or of exchanging goods or services between people or countries
  8. 13. the business of selling goods in large quantities to other businesses
  9. 14. paper money
  10. 15. the money that you get back when you've paid for something
  11. 16. a printed form that you sign as a form of payment
  12. 17. to be sold in a shop
  13. 19. to have something available for people to buy
  14. 20. to leave a valuable object with somebody in exchange for money. The object is returned when the money is given back.
  15. 23. money in the form of coins
  16. 24. the system of money that a country uses
  17. 28. relating to buying in large quantities
  18. 29. to offer a price for something that other people want to buy
  19. 31. -free products that you can bring to a country without paying tax