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Check In Crossword 12Jul2019

  1. 2. Reflects before making decision.
  2. 4. An expression of courtesy or praise, usually in a generic mode such as "good job".
  3. 6. The Five Feedback Basics include intent, specific behaviour, impact, situational awareness and __________.
  4. 8. Feedback is your ______ as a manager.
  5. 9. The ______ gives us some insight into our preferences but our preferences need not equal our behaviours.
  6. 10. In active listening, ________ must be managed first.
  7. 11. Every exchange with someone could be an opportunity for ____________.
  1. 1. Thinks in the here and now.
  2. 3. The parent, adult and child ego states and the interaction between them form the foundation of the ___________ analysis theory.
  3. 5. A persons views, thoughts, opinions and ideas on a specific topic but usually not information about the impact of someone's words, behaviours, or actions.
  4. 7. Speaks to clarify thoughts.