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Cinco de Mayo

  1. 2. This was the colonial city of the historic battle resulting in Cinco de Mayo
  2. 5. The second largest metro system in the world has how many lines
  3. 6. These Amerindian people live in the Yucatan
  4. 8. This is the Aztec name of Mexico's highest, snowcapped mountain
  5. 10. Mexico has about 1 million of these delightful speed bumps
  6. 11. This traditional dish is made with corn dough and has a variety of fillings
  1. 1. This park is twice the size of Central Park
  2. 2. Large paper mache figures filled with candy and broken with a stick
  3. 3. This beverage is distilled from the succulent maguey
  4. 4. The Mexicans were victorious over this country's army
  5. 7. Mexico is the largest exporter of this popular beverage
  6. 9. Mexico City's central square