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Cinco de Mayo Crossword!

  1. 2. What does zorro mean in Spanish?
  2. 5. The Spanish word for five.
  3. 7. What was the famous Mexican general's name at the battle on Cinco de Mayo?
  4. 8. This avocado based dip was first created by the Aztecs in what is now Mexico.
  5. 9. Mexico's Independence Day is in which month?
  6. 11. The colors of Mexico's flag are green, white, and ___.
  1. 1. A type of soft, thin flatbread made from flour or corn.
  2. 3. This popular ice cream flavoring comes from an orchid native to Mexico.
  3. 4. A type of wide brimmed hat popularly worn in Mexico.
  4. 5. Which popular sweet food was drunk as a spicy beverage by Aztec rulers?
  5. 6. Cinco de Mayo celebrates a victory in a war Mexico fought against which country?
  6. 10. Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico's victory in the Battle of ___.