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Cinco de mayo

  1. 4. General Zaragoza died just months after his historic triumph from _______________.
  2. 8. Who was forced to default on his country's debts to European countries?
  3. 9. The ruler of France, ______, refused to withdraw troops.
  4. 11. The French and Mexican forces fought in the town of _____.
  5. 12. Modern celebrations of cinco de mayo include parades, festivals, and this, which is a popular type of band
  1. 1. Mexico's Independence Day is actually celebrated on ___________ 16th.
  2. 2. In what skirmish did the Mexican army defeat the French forces?
  3. 3. In English, what does Cinco de mayo mean?
  4. 5. In the U.S. cinco de mayo is considered a celebration of Mexican culture and _____.
  5. 6. Many people mistakenly believe that cinco de mayo is Mexico's ________ Day.
  6. 7. Mexican General Ignacio ____________ was actually born in Texas.
  7. 10. French troops stormed the Mexican state called ________.
  8. 12. Cinco de mayo is a relatively insignificant holiday in _________.
  9. 13. In Mexico, cinco de mayo is not a federal __________, so stores and banks remain open.