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Cinco de Mayo

  1. 4. The name of the French emperor who ruled Mexico from 1864-1867
  2. 6. The name, in Spanish, when the Mexicans won this battle
  3. 8. The Name of the town where the battle was fought
  4. 9. The year in the 1800's when Mexico gained its independence from Spain
  5. 11. The political position that Benito Juarez won in Oaxaca in the 1840's
  6. 13. The name of the Mexican president that called for the 2-year moratorium on foreign debt plan
  1. 1. The name, in Spanish, of the battle
  2. 2. The last name of the president of Mexico who dictated for over 30 years
  3. 3. The last name of the Texas-born General for the Mexican troops
  4. 5. The year when the battle took place in the 1800's
  5. 7. The month when Mexico gained its independence from Spain
  6. 10. The country that lost the battle
  7. 12. The name of the town where Benito went to school