Share Focus Mode Crossword - WOODEN HOOK

  1. 1. To press upon or move against something to move it away from you, like a door
  2. 3. When you eat enough so that you don't want anymore, you are ___
  3. 4. Something like a pillow that goes on a couch or chair
  4. 6. A piece of furniture used for storing books that has several shelves
  5. 10. To turn your eyes towards something in order to see it
  6. 11. The name of the sport around the world that Americans call 'soccer' instead
  7. 12. ___, better, best; the opposite of bad
  1. 1. To tug or exert force on something to move it towards you, like a door handle
  2. 2. A person whose job it is to cut up meat in a store to sell
  3. 5. Something you add to tea or coffee to make it sweet
  4. 7. To prepare food by heating it
  5. 8. The singular form of 'women'; one grown female
  6. 9. The simple past tense of the verb 'to stand'
  7. 11. One ___, two feet