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  1. 1. Business activities that are strong candidates for: conversion to e-commerce
  2. 4. Business activities that are strong candidates for: conversion to e-commerce
  3. 5. is a C2C Web site that specializes in the buying and selling of handmade and vintage items
  4. 9. Has revolutionized the world of investment and finance
  5. 11. Electronic forum where manufacturers, suppliers, and competitors buy and sell goods, trade market information, and run back-office operations
  6. 12. domain to help attract mobile users to the Web
  7. 13. Manufacturing owned and operated by industry groups
  8. 16. commerce that relies on the use of wireless devices
  9. 17. Business activities that are strong candidates for: conversion to e-commerce
  10. 18. type of banking where customers can check balances of their savings, checking, and loan accounts through the internet
  11. 19. type of relationship that can't be directly modeled in relational database programs
  12. 20. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
  13. 21. the most readily identified software is the DBMS itself;
  14. 23. Trusted third-party organization or company that issues digital certificates
  15. 27. Standard set of specifications for Internet applications that run on handheld, wireless devices
  16. 29. Adapted to the Internet faster than any other arm of finance
  17. 32. is considered a foreign key in tblOrder since it can be used to refer to given customer
  18. 33. a computerized record-keeping system
  19. 37. website shopping
  20. 39. statement to retrieve data from one or more tables:
  21. 40. Subset of e-commerce all the participants are organizations
  22. 41. is a standard interactive programming language for getting information from and updating to a database
  23. 43. Used to secure sensitive data
  24. 45. set of machine-readable instructions
  25. 46. Direct sale from business to consumer through electronic storefronts
  26. 48. Use of information and communications technology to simplify the sharing of information between citizen and government
  27. 49. ensures that only unique values can be assigned in each row for that field(s).
  1. 2. An amount of money that is computerized, stored, and used as cash for e-commerce transactions
  2. 3. Tables that are related in this relationship should always have the same primary key
  3. 6. consists of records and fields
  4. 7. is the type that stores information and conducts searches by using data in related tables.
  5. 8. is also referred to as a parent-child or master detail relationship
  6. 10. Manufacturing owned and operated by a single company
  7. 14. single Web site that offers many products and services at one Internet location
  8. 15. The elimination of intermediate organizations between the producer and the consumer
  9. 17. Capture and process detailed data necessary to update records about fundamental business operations
  10. 22. covers the collection of details stored in database.
  11. 24. The rows of a table
  12. 25. is a list of information that is not necessarily related to any other lists or tables.
  13. 26. The columns of a table
  14. 28. Credit card used to streamline the traditional purchase order and invoice payment processes
  15. 30. Credit card-sized device with an embedded microchip to provide electronic memory and processing capability
  16. 31. Subset of e-commerce that involves consumers selling directly to other consumers
  17. 33. Attachment to an e-mail message or data embedded in a Web site that verifies the identity of a sender or Web Site
  18. 34. Form of e-commerce in which customers deal directly with an organization and avoid intermediaries
  19. 35. segmentation Identification of specific markets to target them with advertising messages
  20. 36. this refers to all of the system’s physical devices.
  21. 38. Key e-commerce infrastructure ingredient
  22. 42. Conducting business activities electronically over computer networks
  23. 44. is used to model the many-to-one relationship between tblPatient and tblInsurer.
  24. 47. Purchases often approach 40 percent of a manufacturing company’s total revenues