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  1. 1. you can find a lot of drugs here and the name is like ‘cube’
  2. 4. Korea the opposite of North Korea
  3. 7. people are really fast from there, there are also a lot of grasslands
  4. 8. there are kangaroos and koalas
  5. 12. Kingdom would you like some tea and sugar love?
  6. 13. it has the Eiffel tower
  7. 14. there was a movie with a zebra, lion, hippo and giraffe as the main characters and the title of the movie is the name of the country
  8. 18. where the Nazi's originated
  1. 1. maple syrup and Justin Bieber
  2. 2. vodka
  3. 3. the most populated country in the world
  4. 5. the second most populated country in the world, they are also very fond of spices and curry
  5. 6. Daruis and Giani did their brochure on it
  6. 9. tacos
  7. 10. that country that has a name very similar to Australia except with a few less letters
  8. 11. where pasta and Mario come from
  9. 15. McDonald’s, freedom and constantly watching whatever you do
  10. 16. the countries name is that of a bird which you have on thanksgiving
  11. 17. sand and pyramids
  12. 19. Korea the country where it’s like 1980, no internet there and kim jong-un