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DevOps Dockerfile ADD, ARG, and Remote

  1. 6. An essential command for building and maintenance of docker images and containers on a remote machine
  2. 7. When we use the command "docker build -" the Docker file comes from ____ _____
  1. 1. In the shell command "left | right", we are creating a _____, which connects the standard output of the left command with the standard input of the right command
  2. 2. The command "docker _____" is the same as the command "docker container ls"
  3. 3. A Dockerfile command to copy the contents of a file (or URL) into the image
  4. 4. You might not have known that "docker build" can refer to a Dockerfile via a ___
  5. 5. A docker CLI command to send a signal to stop to a container
  6. 6. Another name for standard input
  7. 7. A docker CLI command to halt a container
  8. 8. A Dockerfile command to define an in-Dockerfile symbol, useful for URLs