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DevOps F20 Linux Accounts

  1. 3. Spelled out, the group id number for the group games on knuth is ____
  2. 5. The sudo command keeps a ____ of all access
  3. 6. Group information is in the file /etc/_____
  4. 7. The command for adding a user and creating their home directory (among other things)
  5. 9. The "superuser" account created during the installation of the OS
  6. 11. Users typically get a home directory in /_____ (but not always)
  7. 13. Account information is kept in the file /etc/_____, but interestingly not passwords
  8. 15. As do users, programs, e.g., backup, web server, get one of these
  9. 17. On knuth, the default shell for the root account is /bin/______
  10. 19. The sudo command notifies root via _____ when a sudo user enters an unauthorized command
  11. 20. Account passwords are stored using a one-way ______ algorithm
  12. 21. The account with a userID of 0
  13. 23. A special case, the default shell for the account "sync" is /bin/____
  1. 1. Group passwords are in the file /etc/_____
  2. 2. On knuth, the default shell for the account www-data is /usr/sbin/____
  3. 4. Command used for fine-grain permission on running programs and accessing files
  4. 8. On knuth, the group with the largest number of user accounts is easily ____
  5. 9. The root user has no ________ on what commands they can use
  6. 10. With the creation of a user account, each user gets one of these with the same name
  7. 12. On knuth, the default shell for the account syslog is /bin/____
  8. 14. Account passwords can be kept in the file /etc/______
  9. 16. On knuth, the largest group number is assigned to the group _____
  10. 18. The directory created for each user
  11. 22. Spelled out, the user id number for the group uucp on knuth is _____