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DevOps F20 More SSH

  1. 1. We add a passphrase to an SSH key using ssh-_______
  2. 6. It is possible to ____ a public key from a private key
  3. 9. The SSH form of a password
  4. 12. The recommended best practice key type for ssh-keygen
  5. 13. The SSH config option that lets us use our local key on a remote machine, e.g., local->knuth->github
  6. 16. Key we can share and publicly post
  7. 17. The command "ssh" is useful for ______ our GitHub SSH key
  8. 18. The program where we can list, delete, and add keys to the ssh-agent is ssh--_______
  1. 2. The filename for a private key has no ______
  2. 3. SSH keys with GitHub provides access to a repository using the ____ protocol
  3. 4. ___ access is more flexible and safer than password access
  4. 5. OSs typically have at least one key ______ tool that we can tie into ssh-agent
  5. 7. Leave your private keys in as ___ places as possible
  6. 8. Key we never share
  7. 9. Keys allow multiple developers to log in as the same user without having to share a single _______
  8. 10. Filename extension for a public key
  9. 11. Using SSH keys we can revoke access to a developer by ________ their key
  10. 14. The program that keeps track of our keys and passphrases is ssh- _____
  11. 15. Changing the passphrase does not change the _____ key