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DevOps Filesystem Hierarchy Standards

  1. 1. Where include files for "make install" are typically put, and some dev packages install their include files here
  2. 4. Standard include files
  3. 6. Non-essential binaries
  4. 8. Shared data, when architecture independent
  5. 10. Where "make install" typically puts binaries, and some packages install their binaries there
  1. 2. Libraries for non-essential binaries
  2. 3. Essential system binaries, e.g., fsck
  3. 5. Binaries for essential commands especially in single-user mode for all users, e.g., ls, cat
  4. 7. Virtual filesystem for process and kernel information
  5. 8. Where log files, such as from web servers and commands, are stored
  6. 9. The "/" is the ___ directory of the entire file system