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DevOps Student Azure Crossword

  1. 2. Can be used to define a repeatable set of Azure resources that implement organizational requirements
  2. 6. Three main types of cloud services include IaaS, PaaS, and ____
  3. 9. If you want to create and manage docker containers without setting up a virtual machine, use this
  4. 10. The Azure ATP contains _______ installed directly onto the domain controllers
  5. 15. The Service _____ _____ is used to download published audit reports and other compliance-related information relevant to Microsoft’s cloud services
  6. 17. ______ are ideal when you're concerned only about the code running your service and not the underlying platform or infrastructure
  7. 18. ______ ________ are a service that provide bidirectional connections between your IoT Devices and IoT Application.
  8. 19. _____________ preview means that an Azure feature is available to all Azure customers for evaluation purposes.
  9. 21. Can be used to enforce tagging so you can manage billing
  10. 24. Azure ____ can grant or deny access based on the originating IP address.
  11. 26. Documents the specific terms that define performance standards; Microsoft's commitment to an Azure service or prouduct. Measured in %
  12. 29. Each Azure region has a region ______
  13. 31. Azure reservations offer a discount if you ____ __ ______
  14. 32. How can Azure lower Capital Expenditure Costs
  1. 1. Ensures data-residency and compliance needs are are met for customers who need to keep their data close
  2. 3. ______ _______ can be used to quickly provision VMs for development and testing.
  3. 4. Containers for multiple resources that share the same life cycle
  4. 5. ______ is the property of a system to handle a growing amount of work by adding resources to the system
  5. 7. Availability _____ are used to ensure availability during maintenance events
  6. 8. Azure datacenters are organized into _______
  7. 11. Service that allows you to run either a linux or windows distribution from Azure
  8. 12. ______centralizes user identity, so you can disable an inactive account in a single step
  9. 13. Service used to filter internet traffic in your Azure virtual network
  10. 14. Management tool which best allows you to manage remotely from your Android phone with the least amount of administrative effort
  11. 16. Azure Resource Manager templates use which format?
  12. 20. To use Azure datacenters that are made available with power, cooling, and networking capabilities independent from other datacenters in a region, choose a region that supports _________
  13. 22. An Azure offered resource to help manage a set of identical virtual machines is a virtual machine ______ set
  14. 23. If you want to report on and analyze trends and also control and optimize costs, use this
  15. 25. ___________ expenditure allows you to spend on services/products as needed, which is a pay-as-you use model
  16. 27. _______ _____ ____is an azure service which is a fully managed, inteligent event routing system
  17. 28. Azure Functions allow for ______ computing
  18. 30. To determine a composite SLA, you ____________ the individual SLAs together.