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Easy Rajyog

  1. 4. name for Shankar.
  2. 6. is the unlimited inheritance that the Father gives when He comes?
  3. 7. who stay in the _______ of the soul conscious stage are called human beings (insaan) or else they are not human beings but beasts (haivaan), demons.
  4. 9. the Father Shiv, who comes from the far off place and who is the Father of we point souls, charges our _________.
  5. 10. stands for ________.
  6. 11. of the soul who makes decision.
  7. 13. is the task of God to transform _____________ into deities.
  8. 16. many unlimited fathers do we have?
  9. 17. are two great powers.
  10. 19. long is the cycle?
  11. 20. number of births a soul can take.
  12. 22. for five vices.
  13. 24. long as that ____________ is present [in the body], light comes out from these eyes.
  14. 25. of the soul who thinks, feels and imagines.
  15. 26. name for cycle.
  16. 28. as the father of an ant is an ant, the father of an elephant is an elephant, with a bulky stature. The father of a snake is only a snake, it is long. In the same way, the Father of the souls is also ______.
  17. 30. God came and taught Raja yoga, only Shankar was proved to be the one who makes the greatest purushaarth of __________ in the world, [Shankar] who attains an incorporeal stage equal to Shiva. Thus, the name of Shankar alone is joined with that of Shiva.
  1. 1. gave of ______ to explain that soul becomes weak after going through cycle of birth and death.
  2. 2. plays roles of Mother and Father through bodies of _________ and _________.
  3. 3. task is to _______.
  4. 5. means _______.
  5. 8. name for Golden Age.
  6. 11. of the soul thats stores memories, experiences, beliefs, talents, personality.
  7. 12. is the father of all the religious fathers?
  8. 14. One who neither enjoys happiness nor does he suffer sorrow is called ______.
  9. 15. task is to ______.
  10. 18. does God comes into this world?
  11. 21. number of births a soul can take.
  12. 23. comes and teaches such __________, which never goes waste.
  13. 27. the cycle of 84 [births], the 84 fathers that you adopted are called________.
  14. 29. is a Soul World where these souls reside, which is called_________.
  15. 30. [people] apply a bindi (a dot) on the forehead in the land of Bharat (India)?