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Equine Nutrition - The Basics

  1. 6. The scientific name for fats.
  2. 7. amino acids are the structural components for which nutrient?
  3. 9. Glucose is an example of which structural simple sugar?
  4. 10. The daily allocation of feed
  5. 12. Energy supplied in feed is measured in which unit?
  6. 13. The V in VFA is the abbreviation for what word?
  7. 14. Selenium and vitamin E work together to scavenge free radicals. They are a good source of what?
  1. 1. Calcium is an example of what?
  2. 2. sweating resulting in a loss of water and electrolytes leads to what?
  3. 3. The mineral that maintains the acid-base balance outside the cells and regulates osmosis.
  4. 4. A phosphorus deficiency may cause what bone disease in young horses?
  5. 5. The digestive process which takes place in the hindgut of the horse.
  6. 8. An Iodine deficiency causes this growth in young horses.
  7. 11. The source of fibre found in plant walls which cannot be digested by the horse.