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Fake Nudes Crossword

  1. 2. The fictional country where Buttercup and Westley live
  2. 4. A name that appears in two songs
  3. 5. Build a mountain of...
  4. 8. 'So Long, Marianne' is a song by...
  5. 10. How many tracks does Steve Berlin blow horn on?
  6. 11. The Tommy of 'Canada Dry'
  7. 12. Raise them up!
  8. 13. Find the licence plate!
  9. 15. The first song ever revealed way back in January
  10. 16. Who makes the Robinson Cruse-style Wilson in the 'Lookin' Up' music video?
  11. 19. The sample of birds cheeping at the start and end of 'The Township of King' is also used in which song on Kevin's most recent solo album?
  12. 20. Which Neil is making Ed cry?
  13. 22. A yellow bird of warning
  1. 1. Freaky like...
  2. 3. The electronic sample used in the background 'Nobody Better' was also used in which Grinning Streak song?
  3. 6. The only song that features the word 'Crystal'
  4. 7. What kind of embrace?
  5. 9. MacGyver always carried only two things with him: A swiss-army knife and which other BNL-beloved item?
  6. 14. Tanya Tagaq who throat-sings on 'Flying Dreams' won a Polaris Music Prize and Juno Award with which album?
  7. 17. 'Flying Dreams' is written for which person in Kevin's life?
  8. 18. 'Let's go, my friends' is said in which language on the album?
  9. 21. What relation is Pat Hearn, at the end of 'Dusty Rooms', to Kevin?
  10. 23. Which region is the Township of King in?