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Glossary Terms

  1. 2. A long, slow, moist method of cooking of cooking lean meats, poultry and fish.
  2. 4. frying is done in a wide, shallow pan using a small amount of fat or oil.
  3. 6. frying is usually done by spraying or brushing a pan with a small amount of fat or oil to prevent a food from sticking.
  4. 7. To make a liquid thick by adding a thickening agent such as flour, corn flour, eggs.
  5. 10. To cook food in liquid just below boiling point so that the liquid is lightly bubbling with small bubbles breaking on the surface.
  6. 15. Quickly frying food in a small amount of fat, to lightly brown.
  7. 16. To place food into boiling water, then refresh in cold water to retain colour and to tenderise.
  8. 17. A slow, gentle, moist method of cooking in which foods are cooked in a liquid that is reduced and thickened and served with the cooked item. This cooking method can have a tenderising effect on tougher cuts of meat and poultry.
  9. 18. To process food into a smooth mixture.
  10. 21. A quick dry heat method of cooking where heat is directed at the food from above at a close proximity.
  11. 24. To mix ingredients together.
  12. 26. To evenly combine foods using a spoon.
  13. 27. To combine whipped mixtures and other ingredients with a metal spoon or spatula whilst maintaining the air already incorporated.
  14. 29. frying
  15. 33. To divide foods e.g. such as a egg yolk from its white.
  16. 34. Parboiling is the partial boiling of food as the first step in the cooking process.
  17. 35. To combine ingredients so they are evenly combined.
  18. 37. A moist method of cooking that utilises the steam produced over boiling water. It is an effective method of cooking vegetables, puddings and fish.
  19. 39. To place food in a seasoned liquid to absorb flavours and to tenderise.
  20. 41. To finely cut strips/batons 3mm x 3mm x 40 mm matchsticks.
  21. 42. To cut into cubes 1cm x 1cm.
  22. 43. To stir rapidly in a circular motion.
  23. 44. Cooks by dry heat in an oven. Baking is the method used for cooking cakes and biscuits.
  24. 45. Poaching is the process of gently simmering food in liquid, generally milk, stock or water.
  25. 47. frying uses a deep saucepan or deep fryer that can hold a large volume of fat or oil.
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  3. 5. Resting dough in a warm place, allowing it to rise and double in size.
  4. 8. Placing meat, chicken or vegetables with flavouring ingredients and liquid in a deep dish with a tight fitting lid and cooking in the oven.
  5. 9. Roasting is a cooking method that uses dry heat to cook foods in an oven. To minimise the loss of juices, food should be sealed in a hot pan before putting it in the oven.
  6. 11. en place A term for organisation and early preparation of foods and equipment. (literally translating to ‘put in place’)
  7. 12. To shape a flour or dough mixture by hand.
  8. 13. frying A method of cooking foods in fat or oil at a high temperature.
  9. 14. A method of cooking foods using electromagnetic waves.
  10. 15. To cut food finely with a sharp knife or a coarse grater.
  11. 16. To combine ingredients so that they join each other.
  12. 19. To brush the surface of sweet or savoury dishes to give a glossy surface or to assist in browning.
  13. 20. Using a liquid, usually water or stock to cook. To heat a liquid so that it has large bubbles that rapidly burst on the surface.
  14. 22. To spread icing on a cake, biscuit or similar.
  15. 23. To cover foods with another ingredient or ingredients e.g. egg and breadcrumbs.
  16. 25. To pour fat over food to prevent it from drying out.
  17. 28. in To incorporate fat into flour using the fingertips until the mixture resembles fine bread crumbs or comes together as a dough.
  18. 30. To combine flour and butter over a low heat to burst starch grains. To denature the starch.
  19. 31. To combine butter (fat) and sugar until they are light and fluffy.
  20. 32. To place dry ingredients into a sieve to aerate, remove lumps and foreign bodies.
  21. 33. To cut food into thin slices.
  22. 35. and mix A method of combining fat and dry ingredients by melting the fat. Frequently used in cake, biscuit and slice recipes.
  23. 36. A small item of food placed onto or beside plated food to improve overall presentation.
  24. 37. frying is cooking foods in a minimal amount of fat or oil at a high heat stirring constantly and quickly.
  25. 38. frying
  26. 40. frying
  27. 46. To roughly cut foods into small pieces.