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Good Practices

  1. 2. Maybe the most important design decision that you make
  2. 5. Naming convention for constant scalar values
  3. 9. Prefer this over postincrement
  4. 10. A type of file that does not belong in a Git repository
  5. 11. What we should make each section of code
  6. 14. All functions are declared in one of this type of file
  7. 18. What we use in all include files to prevent double inclusion
  8. 20. Comment markup for status or error codes
  9. 21. A specifier we will not be using
  10. 22. Every source-code files needs exactly one of these types of comments
  11. 23. Do not use this in code, always use the prefix
  12. 26. Comment markup style with @param
  13. 27. The extension of files that we never include
  14. 28. Use this for the type when initializing a declaration with a method/function call
  1. 1. Standard C++ integer type
  2. 2. Make sure each file has exactly one of these at the end of the file
  3. 3. Comment markup for general return
  4. 4. Naming convention for C-preprocessor variables
  5. 6. Another type of file that does not belong in a Git repository
  6. 7. Naming convention for C functions
  7. 8. All functions are defined in one of this type of file
  8. 9. Prefer this over postdecrement
  9. 12. What we want to do with temporary variables as much as possible
  10. 13. Use terms from this as much as possible
  11. 15. Kind of for statement we prefer
  12. 16. Naming convention for class names
  13. 17. The number of characters to use for indentation
  14. 19. Standard C++ double type
  15. 24. What character to use for indentation
  16. 25. Want to use whenever possible