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  1. 4. Listening Can let a speaker know that he or she is really hearing and understanding what is being said
  2. 5. Pressure Influence that people of similar age or status place on others to behave in a certain way
  3. 7. Skills Methods a person can use to say no to an action or situation
  4. 8. Distinguish between things or people by noticing or emphasizing differences between them
  5. 10. Event Incident over which a person has little or no control
  6. 11. Peer Pressure Influences from peers to behave in a responsible way
  7. 15. Risk Chance that, after weighting all the possible outcomes, you decide if it is worth it
  8. 16. Various forms of mass communication
  9. 19. Status Positive and negative influences on a persons health and well being
  10. 20. Provider Trained, licensed professional who performs services that help people maintain or restore their health status
  11. 23. Skills Skills that help a person share feelings, thoughts, and information with others
  12. 24. Form of selling products and services
  13. 29. Serious situation that occurs without warning and calls for quick action
  14. 31. Health Record Documentation of a persons health, health care, and health-care products
  15. 33. Knowledge Information and understanding a person has about health
  16. 34. Service Work performed by a health-care provider
  17. 35. Goal Behavior a person works to achieve and maintain
  18. 36. resolution skills Steps that can be taken to settle a disagreement in a responsible way.
  19. 37. The arts, beliefs and customs that make up a way of life for a group of people
  20. 39. Wellness Scale Scale that shows the range in quality of life
  1. 1. expresses your feelings or thoughts on a subject
  2. 2. Is a statement that blames or shames another person
  3. 3. Process in which an outside person or mediator helps people in conflict reach a solution
  4. 5. Factor Something that increases the odds of a positive outcome
  5. 6. Message Gives two different meanings
  6. 9. Skills Ways in which a person chooses to share feelings,thoughts and information with others
  7. 12. Behavior Inventory Is a tool that helps a person decide how well he or she is practicing healthful behaviors
  8. 13. Belief in on self
  9. 14. Facility Place where people receive health care
  10. 17. Quality of life
  11. 18. risk chance that a person takes after carefully considering all possible outcomes
  12. 21. Chance that has an unknown outcome
  13. 22. Quality of life is the degree to which a person lives life to the fullest capacity
  14. 25. Practical application or use of knowledge
  15. 26. Communication Use of actions or body language to express emotions and thoughts
  16. 27. Decision Actions that can lead to things that are harmful
  17. 28. Advocate Person who influences the health behavior and decisions of others and advances certain health concerns
  18. 30. Disagreement between two or more people or between two or more choices
  19. 32. Product Something that is made specifically to maintain or restore health
  20. 34. Concept General idea formed from an understanding of health knowledge
  21. 38. Factor Inherited characteristics and can be some diseases