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Insider Contest Week 6

  1. 2. If you certify that you don't use this, you will receive a discount on your 2016 medical insurance premiums.
  2. 3. Last name of the person who directs the Missouri Employment Training Program.
  3. 6. What is Danee Douglas holding in the picture she submitted for the best office decor individual category for College Colors Day?
  4. 9. You will learn to enhance your ____ competencies and collaboration at the 2015 Extension Summit.
  5. 10. How many days is the annual enrollment period?
  1. 1. The Nelson Trickey 4-H Bridge Builder Award recognizes those who bridge youth and the what?
  2. 4. Number of people serving on the search committee for the MU vice chancellor for extension and director of cooperative extension.
  3. 5. The name of the county who won in two categories in the College Colors Day contest?
  4. 7. Missouri's Farm to School Conference is focused on teaching how to increase the amount of ____ products served in schools.
  5. 8. Last name of the Missouri 4-H Foundation executive director