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Irish Sailing Crossword: 10

  1. 2. Rope attached to middle of square sail to haul it up to the yard
  2. 4. Toward or at the stern of a ship; further aft
  3. 5. Post on a wharf or ship to which ropes are tied
  4. 6. Case in which a ship's compass is kept
  5. 8. At the stern of a ship
  6. 10. Mast nearest the bow of a ship
  7. 12. Distance between waterline and main deck of a ship
  8. 13. Device for winding in heavy ropes or cables
  9. 15. Rings or clips for attaching a jib to a stay
  10. 16. Spar that extends at bows of a ship
  11. 17. Corner of sail with hole to attach ropes
  12. 18. Secure a rope by winding on a pin or cleat
  13. 19. Side of a ship above the deck
  14. 22. Midway between the bow and stern of a ship
  15. 23. Stay leading from the foremast to the bow of a ship
  1. 1. Punish by dragging under keel of ship
  2. 3. Ring through which rope is led to change its direction without friction
  3. 7. Horizontal crosspieces at a masthead used to support ship's mast
  4. 9. Ship's crewmember in charge of equipment and maintenance
  5. 11. Rope for holding down or hauling down a sail or spar
  6. 14. Deck behind a ship's bridge
  7. 19. Stay extending from ship's mastheads to the back of the ship
  8. 20. Metal socket into which the pintle of a boat's rudder fits
  9. 21. Related to sailing