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Irish Sailing Crossword: 9

  1. 2. Wood framed boat that traditionally had animal skins or hides stretched over it, native to the West
  2. 6. Stairs are known as what onboard?
  3. 8. Surname originating from someone who caught fish
  4. 10. Traditional wooden fishing boat used on the River Shannon
  5. 12. Type of knot also known as a double hitch (5,5)
  6. 13. Surname originating from a cargo handler
  7. 14. Surname originated from a dock worker
  8. 16. Surname came from Mariner; seaman; sailor
  9. 18. Toilets on board are called?
  10. 19. Name of a bed on board?
  1. 1. What do you call a room on a boat?
  2. 2. Small oval vessel’s first used in the early 16th century, not exclusive to Ireland, looks like a large walnut shell, often covered in animal skin and tar to make it waterproof
  3. 3. Surname originally form builder of boats
  4. 4. Ancient and simple knot used to form a fixed "eye" at the end of a rope
  5. 5. Sailing boats, 35 – 45 feet long, used mainly for transporting goods on the West coast (6,6)
  6. 7. surname from ships master
  7. 9. Used for fishing along the southern coast of Ireland in the 1900s and then used as racing boats (8,4)
  8. 11. Knot used for joining lines of different diameter or rigidity (5,4)
  9. 15. Kitchen on board is called?
  10. 17. Also known as a square knot (4,4)