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Lecture 1

  1. 4. payment done after project completion of project is called as
  2. 6. Skirting is measured in which unit?
  3. 8. what should be unit of paint?
  4. 9. Rate of item is given in
  5. 12. Drawing in which detail plan, section and elevation are given is called as
  6. 13. Professionals reponsible for structural drawings are called as
  1. 1. Probable budget of proposed project before execution is called as
  2. 2. Product of quantity of item and rate of item gives you ..... or amount of the item
  3. 3. Brickwork is measured in which unit?
  4. 5. Drawing in which details of structural elements like beam, columns, slabs are given is called as
  5. 7. Unit of measurement is Kg or Tonn
  6. 10. unit of measurement of Enumerated quantities are
  7. 11. Professionals reponsible for architectural drawings are called as