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LQB185 Cell Organelles Breakout Room 6

  1. 2. This apparatus is responsible for sorting, modifying, and shipping off the products that come from the rough ER
  2. 3. The energy currency of the cell
  3. 5. an organelle that contains enzymes that break down and digest unneeded cellular components, such as a damaged organelle
  4. 6. are known as the powerhouses of cells
  5. 7. is a spherical area in the nucleus that helps produce Ribosomes.
  6. 10. any tiny cellular structure embedded within the cytoplasm that performs specific functions within a cell
  7. 11. an organelle that translates mRNA into protein
  1. 1. the highways within a cell
  2. 4. The smooth endoplasmic reticulum produces this molecule that is essential for making a cell membrane.
  3. 7. the largest membrane bound organelle within the cell and contains the cell's hereditary information (DNA).
  4. 8. Within the nucleus DNA associates with histone proteins to make a material called
  5. 9. This cytoplasmic inclusion provides a rich and ready source of energy within muscles